▲About XPCB

At XPCB, we fabricate PCB boards-and have been doing so for 15 years.


Our portfolio ranges from rigid PCB, flex PCB, rigid flex PCB, Multilayer FPC and HDI PCB.


Sophisticated design that demands superior craftmanship and pressed for time are our specialty.


Through talented workforce and advanced facilities, we enable our customers in nearly every 

electrical-powered industry to transform their idea into tangible prototype and get-to-market more efficiently. Industries we severed so far have covered aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, energy solution, IoT, Industrial engineering, Medical, Telecommunication and wireless. 


Our service and products contribute to realizing new concept, completing mass production and 

gaining first-mover advantages.


We have summed up this contribution in our corporate purpose: we fabricate PCB boards to breed continuous growth in this fast-changing world.

▲Our Product

Rigid Flex PCB, Flexible PCB, Multilayer FPC, HDI PCB


▲Industries Served

Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Energy Solution, IoT, Industrial Engineering, Medical, Telecommunication and wireless